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Magic Calligraphy Notebooks

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Magic Calligraphy Notebooks are ideal for perfecting your calligraphy. A transparent back lets you see what has previously been written. We offer several models to choose from. These notebooks are 75% thinner than our traditional calligraphy notebooks, so you can write more freely and easily.

Has it been difficult to substantiate your child's handwriting?

By applying the teachings that magical calligraphy notebooks offer, these problems can be solved quickly and practically.

Here we want to talk a little about the importance of the calligraphy notebook. Many people wonder if it is important. It can be said yes. The notebook is useful for stimulating and organizing writing.

When we talk about the issue of handwriting, we are not just referring to the use of the hand, but the coordination of the brain. It is worth mentioning that a well-organized and designed letter needs attention, rhythm, among several important situations. With the practical use of magical calligraphy notebooks, children will be able to achieve these necessary and fundamental qualities for their learning.

With our Magical calligraphy notebooks, the child learns to control the pressure on the pencil, to observe the outline of the letters and to differentiate between upper and lower case letters, they will also learn about basic improvements in painting and mathematics. This is more than achieving legible handwriting. is to gain from the process of learning written language.

Magic Notebook Set for Calligraphy Practice 70% off

Reusable magic function, the writing board sketchbook automatically erases and can be reused. Comfortable writing and standard writing format, if you want your children to learn calligraphy, writing, painting and mathematics in English, magic notebooks are the best choice! The writing disappears automatically after drying, great for repeated practice and accelerated learning.
Material with high quality and safety paper, thick paper and does not stain easily. Practically all the material is in cursive!

It is also important to work on some issues before of calligraphy . It is necessary , for example , performing important prerequisites such as eye coordination. Generally, the handwritting book It is used between the 3rd and 4th year. In the period leading up to this phase, it is interesting to invest in the quality of the lyrics' organization. Furthermore, it is important to remember that lyrics have to do with emotional and individual aspects of a person. In other words, the letter is the expression of individuals. Using magic calligraphy notebooks is good for automating this issue.

-> Automatically erases

-> Thick, non-tearable paper

-> Mathematics, Alphabet, Numbers and Drawings

-> The product size is suitable for children aged 3 to 6 years

-> Size: 19cm x 13cm

-> Items included in the package:

-> Kit with 4 notebooks

-> 1 pen with

-> 5 refills.

We use a magic pen. After writing for a period of time, the font will disappear and return to its original state, which can be used repeatedly.

Fun and practical:

3D three-dimensional groove design, these writing picture books can standardize the standard writing format, which is fun and practical, allowing children to use them in daily life to increase the fun: these magic calligraphy books have interesting graphic combinations , bright colors and cuteness. The shape can improve children's memory and interest, bring them a lot of fun, and children can learn a lot from it

Repeat application:

With these auto-fading pens, the text in the book will automatically disappear after 10 minutes, which means children can practice magic calligraphy again and again and no longer worry about making mistakes.

Main questions about the calligraphy notebook:

1- Do you still use a handwriting notebook?

A: YES, It is still very useful for stimulating and organizing letters and numbers

2- What is the Middle Ages that Should Use the Calligraphy Notebook?

A: Generally, the calligraphy notebook is used between the 3rd and 4th year. But it also depends on the needs of each child. From the age of five, children progress to cursive writing, at which point they begin to put letters and words together; It's the beginning of your handwriting style. At seven years old, the child continues to improve his writing, both in terms of style and precision.

3- How to Start Writing in a Calligraphy Notebook?

A: The easiest way to start using a calligraphy notebook is to do the activities that ask you to write over dotted letters. You need to have good motor coordination and persistence to carry out all tasks.

4- How to Work on Calligraphy With Children?

A: 7 tips to improve children's handwriting

  1. Teach your child how to hold a pencil or pen properly.
  2. Practice together.
  3. Provide a suitable environment.
  4. Make writing easier.
  5. In front of children, do not abuse screens.
  6. Be creative.
  7. Be patient.

5- What is the objective of working on calligraphy?

Calligraphy is the art and study done by hand and aims to improve the writing forms of any citizen. For adults who are not in school, there are specialized calligraphy courses that can help improve the way you write.

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